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Topic outline

  • Topic 1

    • Manual for ECOTEC tool

    • Computer aided illumination design introduction

    • daylight usefull information

  • Topic 2

    • upload the solar manual to use for solar design

    • use the file to determine the solar position and angles

    • read the attached file and answer the questions

    • please read the exercise and answer the questions

  • Topic 3

    • Manual for weather tool design

    • upload the tool to get the weather data (teperature, humidity , solar radiation and wind) for use location

  • Topic 4

  • Topic 5

  • Topic 6

  • Topic 7

    Week 7 : Artificial lighting design

    Week Description :

    In this week students will be introduce to artificial lighting design and the use of computer simulation tool (Dialux) for building modeling, lighting selection and mounting, and lighting calculation 

    Week objectives:

    1. Student should be able to understand the artificial light sources (and how to calculate and measure them
    2. Student will have a holistic look at computer aided illumination design tool for artificial lighting design (Dialux)
    3. Student will be able to getting started with the simulation tool (Dialux


    Offline activity - Lab. work exercises

    Work Plan:

    1. Getting started with Dialux (the simulation tool for artificial lighting design analysis) …  See Dialux tool  
    2. Exploring the main parts of the software (project manager, 3D Cad window, and the guide menu) … offline exercise
    3. Introducing the function for each part above in number 2 ..  see Dialux manual
    4. find the power point presentation for this week in the files below


  • Topic 8

  • Topic 9

    • Guidelines for artificial lighting design

  • Topic 10

  • Topic 11

  • Topic 12

    • very important hint for DAILUX tool

  • Topic 13

  • Topic 14

  • Topic 15