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DNA Transcription:

-          The Central Dogma of Genetics

-          Promoters, Transcription Factor, and RNA Polymerases

-          Steps of Transcription

-          Post-Transcriptional Modifications, of RNA

Session Plan

  1. Explain how-information flows from gene to protein
  2. Describe where transcription occur in prokaryotes and in eukaryotes
  3. Explain the process of transcription including the three major steps of initiation, elongation and termination.
  4. Describe the general role of RNA polymerase in transcription.
  5. Explain how RNA polymerase recognizes where transcription should begin.
  6. Distinguish among mRNA, tRNA and rRNA.
  7. Describe the process of transcription including initiation, elongation and termination and explain what enzymes, and transcription  factors are needed for each stage.
Click GENE_TRANSCRIPTION_AND_RNA_MODIFICATION.swf link to view the file.
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