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Opened: Wednesday, 22 April 2020, 9:30 PM
Due: Sunday, 26 April 2020, 9:30 PM

Q1. Experimental advantages of using pea plants include which of the following?

a. They came in several different varieties.

b. They were capable of self-fertilization.

c. They were easy to cross.

d. All of the above were advantages.

Q2. The term cross refers to an experiment in which

a. the gametes come from different individuals.

b. the gametes come from a single flower of the same individual.

c. the gametes come from different flowers of the same individual.

d. Both a and c

Q3. A pea plant is Tt. Which of the following statements is correct?

a. Its genotype is Tt, and its phenotype is dwarf.

b. Its phenotype is Tt, and its genotype is dwarf.

c. Its genotype is Tt, and its phenotype is tall.

d. Its phenotype is Tt, and genotype is tall.

Q4. A Tt plant is crossed to a tt plant. What is the expected outcome for the ratio of offspring from this cross?

a. 3 tall : 1 dwarf                                     b. 1 tall : 1 dwarf

c. 1 tall : 3 dwarf                                     d. 2 tall : 1 dwarf

3. You may need to refer back to Chapter 2 to answer this question. If a plant is Tt, at which stage do the and alleles segregate from each other?

a. Anaphase of mitosis                            b. Anaphase of meiosis I

c. Anaphase of meiosis II                        d. None of the above.

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