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Topic outline

  • Topic 4

    Wireless Environment

  • Topic 5

    Cellular Concept

  • Topic 6

    Multiple Access Schemes

  • First Exam

  • Topic 8

    Please submit your course project proposal here by 17/4/2022

  • Topic 9

    Access Methods and Spectral Efficiency

  • Topic 10

    Global System for Mobile Communication(GSM)

      • In GSM, a 25 MHz frequency band is divided, using a FDMA, into 124 carrier frequencies spaced one from each other by a 200 kHz frequency band. why the GSM standard excluded one carrier 

      • if you can chose to eliminate one duplexing technique which one you will chose FDD or TDD and why 
    • Please solve the following questions and upload your answers on Moodel due to 26/4/2020 

  • Second Exam

  • Topic 12

    Project Submission 

  • Topic 13

    General Packet Radio Service(GPRS)

  • Topic 14

    Universel Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS)

  • Final Exam

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