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URL رابط المحاضرات الفصل الثاني 2023/2024
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URL Questionnaire (

please complete the attached questionnaire)

المحاضرات المصورة URL Lecture 26/4/2024 Introduction
URL محاضرة 30/4/2024
URL 6/5/2024
URL 7/5/2024
URL محاضرة 8/5/2024
URL محاضرة المختبر 8/5/2024
URL محاضرة 13/5/2024
URL محاضرة 14/5/2024
URL محاضرة 15/5/2024
URL محاضرة 21/5/2024 التطعيم والتركيب
URL محاضرة 28/5/2024 الترقيد
URL محاضرة 29/5/2024 Divission
URL محاضرة عملي 29/5/2024
URL محاضرة 4/6/2024
Topic 2 File Introduction new

New for Spring 2022/2023

Topic 3 File Biology of Propagation

This chapter deal with the different bio9logical aspects of plant propagation

File chapter2


URL محاضرة 7/2/2023
Topic 4 File Development of seeds Part one

Develompent of seeds Part one

File Development of Seeds Part two

Seed development part two

File chapter3 part one

chapter3 part one

File chapter3 part two

chapter3 part two

URL Lecture 6/2/2021 Seed development part one
URL Lecture 9/2/2021
Topic 5 File Principle of propagation by seeds

Principle of propagation by seeds

File Principle of propagation by seeds

Principle of propagation by seeds

URL Lecture 13/2/2021 chapter 4 principle of propagation by seeds
URL lecture 16/2/2021
Topic 6 File Technique of seed propagation

Technique of seed propagation

File chapter5


URL Lecture 20/2/2021
Topic 7 File Chapter six

Vegetative propagation

File veg propagation lec6

veg propagation lec6

URL Lecture 23/12/2021
URL Lecture 28/2/2023
Topic 8 File Propagation by cuttings

Propagation by cuttings

File propagation by cuttings

propagation by cuttings

URL Plant propagation by cuttings part 1

cuttings 1

URL Cuttings part 2

part 2 cuttings

URL Lecture 27/2/2021
Topic 9 File Type of cuttings

Type of cuttings

File chapter8


File chapter8 (copy)


URL Technique of prorogation by cuttings

chapter 8

URL Lecture 2/3/2021 (Technique of propagation by cuttings)
Topic 10 File The Biology of Grafting

Grafting and Budding

File chapter 9 Grafting

chapter 9 Grafting

URL Biology of Grafting

Chapter 9

URL Lecture 6/3/2021 Biology of grafting
URL Lecture 26/3/2023 Grafting
Topic 11 File Biology of grafting

Biology of Grafting

URL Grafting chapter 10
URL lecture 9/3/2021
Topic 12 File Grafting methods

Grafting methods

URL Lecture 13/3/2021 Grafting technique
Topic 13 File Budding


URL Lecture 116/3/2021 Budding technique
URL lecture budding 20/3/2021
URL lecture 23/3/2021 Budding
Topic 14 File Layering

Layering 2021 note

URL Lecture 27/3/2021 Layering
Topic 15 File Division


URL lecture 3083/2021 Division
URL Lecture division 3/4/2021 part one
URL Lecture 3/4/2021 part two
Topic 16 File Micropropagation


URL Lecture 10/4/2021
Topic 17 File lab


File Lab part II

Lab Part II

File Hard wood cutting

Lab on preparing hard wood cuttings

File Herbaceous cuttings

How to prepare herbaceous cuttings

URL Recorded lecture lab1 part one 3/2/2021
URL Recorded lecture lab part two
URL Lecture 24/4/2021
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